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Any known Save issues with Mockups 3.1.8?


I’ve been using Mockups 3.1.8 quite a lot recently but for the first time on Friday I got intermittent save error messages. My project is saved on a corporate network drive so I suspect network issues were the problem. It seemed to have saved successfully before I logged out - I always use Ctrl+S to be sure despite auto save. However today this project won’t open and shows size 0KB :frowning: I can hopefully get our IT team to restore a previous version for me, I guess this will be a network problem, but just checking in case there are any known similar issues? Or any way of recovering a previous version? In another thread a ‘hidden’ autosave location was mentioned, optimistically I’m wondering if there should be another copy of my file saved? Or is that only before the file has been named?


Ugh @kati , I’m so sorry about that. Losing data is the worst thing. It is one of the reasons we are re-writing how we autosave in Mockups 3. If your IT team can’t restore it, we’d be happy to help you re-create it from scratch.

Right now, the best way to avoid this is to work on the file locally, and then copy it back over to the networked drive when you are done. Our pre-release version ( does have the first part of our auto-save fixes in it (auto-saving to a local file backup - and then saving to the real file after a period of inactivity) but it is still beta and hasn’t been fully tested (you are still welcome to use it, however.)

I cannot tell you how terribly sorry I am for any dataloss we caused you. Please don’t hesitate to email us for help to remake anything that you lost. You can reply here, or shoot us an email at


Thanks for the quick reply Brendan! The auto-save changes you’re working on sound good.

Thanks for the offer - how would you help me remake it?
I’ll see what IT come up with tomorrow anyway.


We would help you recreate whatever we can by hand.

If you have any images or pdfs from old versions, we would recreate them as mockups. Or you could tell us what a mockup had and we would remake it by hand.

We lost your data, the burden for re-creating it should be on us. We are here to help however we can.


Thanks @Brendan. I’m currently waiting to hear what IT can do. I do have recent PDF exports thankfully so all is not lost, I doubt I’d be able to share them outside the company but appreciate the offer!