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Any news on the ability to import BMPR into myBalsamiq without Desktop version?


Hi All,

I’ve seen previous posts related to this in the last year or so, and just wanted to see if there’s any updates.

We only have myBalsamiq at our disposal and are interested in exploring the editing capabilities of having our project in a SQLite file, however, we can’t seem to find a way to import BMPR files (even though, by all account exports have been available for a while). I think @virgin mentioned in January that they were looking into this, so has it gone any further?

If anyone knows any workarounds for getting an a BMPR into myBalsamiq without external tools (we’re not allowed to install any programs ourselves and there’s a whole, long assurance process even for the most basic freeware!) I’d be interested to hear them.

Many thanks


Hi @AB1984 and thanks for checking on this.

Our current web version, myBalsamiq, does not handle the BMPR file format but our next major version (already in private beta) will. For now, the only way to move a BMPR file to myBalsamiq is the Export to BMMLs ZIP option, as described here.

In case you don’t have access to the Desktop version, please share the related BMPR file via and we’ll be happy to help with this. :slight_smile:


It’s been 10 months (that’s a really long private beta). Any chance this feature will be available soon?

This is my first time using myBalsamiq and I expected it to be easy to import from, but still can’t figure out how to do it w/o desktop. :sob:


Hi @Richard_Hundhausen,

Thanks for the post. A fear there’s a little confusion over terms here so let me try to make sure we’re on the same page, ok?

myBalsamiq is our legacy web-hosted version of the Balsamiq app. It’s been available for about 7 years and, while we will continue to support it for some time, we’re no longer accepting new sign-ups for it and have not for a few months now.

The reason is that we released our next major version of the app (to which Virgin replied in his Sep 17 message) in October last year. That app is called Balsamiq Cloud. An update to myBalsamiq was overdue because we were reliant on Adobe Flash and moving to the native browser engine used by Cloud gave us the opportunity to address many issues and add many improvements.

I did a search for your email address in both myBalsamiq and Cloud and was not able to find an account under that email. Would you mind dropping us a line at and we can pick this up there and get to the bottom of that account issue.

Closing the loop on the main question, the only way to move a BMPR file to myBalsamiq is the Export to BMMLs ZIP option and, with Cloud now released, it’s extremely unlikely we’ll be updating myBalsamiq to add direct BMPR import. I know that’s not ideal but we’re looking to the future with Cloud.

As Virgin mentioned, if you need to convert any BMPR to get it into myBalsamiq, just drop us an email with the BMPR project file attached and we’ll be happy to perform the conversion for you.

All the best for now.


Thanks Alasdair. I’ll reach out to support.