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Anyway to revert an import


I was working on a project and I “imported” from an earlier BBML file. I remembered halfway through the import (too late) that this wasn’t going to create a new file but include them in the project I was working on. Since I had a page selected when I clicked on Import - it also overwrote that page with the new pages.

My guess is that there isn’t a way to recover the page that I accidentally imported over since you can’t “undo” an import. Is there a way to revert to a previous save? I know back in March you were talking about adding that in. But I don’t know if it’s been added.

Also you might want to think about having an import not overwrite the selected mockup since there is always a mockup selected and unless you remember to make a blank page first, you will always lose your work.


Hi, @RaeHanley No. I’m sorry the Mockup was overwritten. If you were importing from a folder of BMMLs, the X icon in the import dialog stops the import from proceeding.

One feature we’re working on is snapshots, which would give you a way to rollback to previous saved versions of your project. It’s made just for this kind of thing, where you want to back out of a series of changes.

Thanks for the suggestion about showing a warning if an import would overwrite a Mockup with the same name. We do that for assets, so we should be providing the same warning.


Rolling back would be great. Or the warning. I’ll look forward to those updates. (Until then hopefully I’ll remember to cancel the import! I’m used to cancels that mess up products so I tend to shy away from them.)

Thanks for your help!