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App has become very slow in recent releases


Hi guys! I’m just wondering if something has been introduced in a recent release that has potentially affected performance?

I’m noticing that, since the last 2 or so releases, Mockups 3 has been running frustratingly slowly for me. I find myself regularly waiting for the app to respond to my input.

Most noticeably, this happens when I use the “Quick Add” feature.

I tried stripping out a large symbol library - - from my projects. I still use a small number of symbols and have considerable performance pain.

I’m happy to send you an example project if you like. I am using Mockups on Windows.


I’m sorry about that, Mike. We have been investigating why things are slowing down for folks.

If you can send us an example of a project that is running slow for you, that would be awesome. We really want to figure out if there is anything we can do to help this.

You can send it to or Whichever one you feel more comfortable with! I know you said it was an example project, but our data security policies would still be in place. No one outside the team would see it.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us about this, Mike. I’m really sorry for any frustration it’s causing you.


Hi Brendan,

Thanks for replying to my issue so quickly!

Since re-opening, the project seems to be performing a lot better. So maybe what’s causing the problems is just a local issue. Or maybe closing and reopening the app improved things…

For what it’s worth, I’ll send you the .bmpr file anyway, and I’ll keep an eye on things here to see if the performance suddenly gets worse again.