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Applying change to all slides


I have a left menu nav that is replicated in all slides.
I made some changes to the nav on my first slide and I would like to quickly apply that change to all my slides without having to manually copy and paste to each slide.
Can you please advise what is the easiest way to accomplish this?

Thank you!

Hi Magdalena,

Thanks so much for the post. It’s possible to make a change to a Symbol that will automatically be applied across all instances of that Symbol. Check the link for help with Symbols.

Unfortunately, if you’ve already added the controls, there’s no way to apply a change to multiple instances. So, this one time, you’ll need to create a Symbol and replace all instances of your ‘left menu nav’ manually. But you can now anticipate controls and/or groups of controls which may need to change across wireframes and use Symbols in future to make these kinds of changes more convenient.

Cześć Magdalena,

You can use a little trick to speed up the global change.

  1. Create the new navigation control
  2. Group it (Ctrl+G), give it a name, e.g. “1Nav” and convert to Symbol
  3. Select your old nav control, press Ctrl+T to convert it
  4. In the very first line (that’s why “1” as the first letter in the name) you’ll see the newly created Symbol
  5. Select it pressing with arrow key and press Enter to replace old control with the new control

Important note: you’d like to create the Symbol of the same width and height, as your old one to replace it smoothly.

Please feel free to ask if you need any help.

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