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Are BMPR files compatible between Mockups and Wireframes?


i’ve been using Mockups and have downloaded the Wireframes trial. If I progress my project files with Wireframes, can I still edit them in Mockups? Or is there no turning back?


Hello Nick,

Thanks for the post. As long as your version of Mockups 3 for Desktop is up to date, you should have no issues but one caveat: in Balsamiq Wireframes the canvas is 10k px square whereas in Mockups 3 it’s only ~4k px square.

As such, if you add elements to the canvas in Balsamiq Wireframes which are beyond 4x px right or down the page, if you then open that project in Mockups 3 it doesn’t really know what > 4k means and controls will appear jumbled at the right/bottom edge of the canvas.