Are there any additional zoom controls?



Is there a way to quickly zoom in and out of a mock-up without having to use the Zoom option on View menu?

I’m looking for a slider or drop-down list (see the screenshot from SnagIt I’ve attached) that I can get to quickly without having to think about it.



Hi @Danny_McGrath,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

You can actually use the following keyboard shortcuts to trigger the Zoom options:

Note: If you are working on a Mac, please use CMD instead of CTRL.
You can also Zoom All to Actual Size and Zoom All to Fit by adding SHIFT to the above shortcuts.

All our keyboard shortcuts are available here if needed.

Hope this will work for you! Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help! :slightly_smiling:


This ctrl-scroll shortcut isn’t very intuitive and I had to come read the docs just to find it.
For macs, I suggest that you support the “pinch gesture” on the track pad to zoom in or out.
It is more intuitive, is more consistent with other apps, and requires only one hand to use.


Would love to be able to zoom with my trackpad on mac.


It’s coming @jdubsf!

Check out Balsamiq Cloud, where we already have it working. Should be coming with our big desktop update - more news on that soon. :slight_smile: