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Assets as icons - Wrong proportions

I am using Balsamiq now for two years on a professional level and we are currently looking into changing from Balsamiq 3 desktop to the Google drive addon.
So I created a shape and selected an imported asset as icon (as I usually do in the desktop version) but for some reason the proportions change and the asset is stretched to have a square proportion.
When I don’t use the assets in shapes the keep their normal proportions.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

Here is a comparision picture from the google drive version and the desktop version, both using the same assets.

Hi @fwdrabert and sorry for the hassle.

That looks like a bug indeed but I couldn’t reproduce it on my end.

Would you mind sharing the related image and the exact steps that lead to the issue via

Don’t hesitate to share a quick screencast if you can, it might be even quicker for us to reproduce it this way.

We’ll stand by for your reply!

Hi Virign,
thanks for the quick answer.
I sent an email where I also added a screen capture.

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