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Assets: How to import them for confluence UI Mockups


Hey, how can I get assets into mockups 3 for confluence?

I didnt find anything regarding to that topic.


Hi, @pDiem. Support for assets in the current version of Mockups for Confluence is rather simplistic compared to the other tools, and uses the Confluence article’s attachments.

If you’re adding images, for instance, you can add each image by adding an image control and using the image dialog to browse for the file. If you have multiple images you want to upload to the Confluence article, you can also add them using the Attachments view of that article, and when you add an image control, those attachments will show up in the image dialog.


Thanks Mike,

I really like using assets throuhout my mockups and I think that using the attachment system meets the purpose, but the asset system was in my opinion a real strength.

So is there a possibility that this system will come for balsamiq for confluence?

I am just asking because we are deciding whether we keep mybalsamiq or balsamiq for confluence.

Thanks again!


Better support for assets is on our roadmap, but not for immediate development. The attachment model for storing assets in Confluence doesn’t quite map to how we store assets in our other versions. myBalsamiq will likely get on par with the Desktop’s features sooner.