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Assets not showing in project


Hi there, I’ve imported the following asset into a project but when i go to use it in a mock up the asset does not show under the asset tab, though it is in the project when you view assets from the hamburger menu top left? Am i going mad…


Hey @Chrysalis,

I’m really sorry for the confusion here. Our process for importing Wireframes to Go assets is not nearly as straightforward as it used to be (but it will be getting a lot better soon.)

If you want to import the Google Chrome control, follow these steps, and let us know if you run into any issues.

I’m sorry again that this process is cumbersome right now - but’s going to be awesome soon. :slight_smile:


Hi there, sorry but can’t get past stage 1 as the controls just aren’t visible? I have neither the ‘Import Controls form Wireframes to Go’ or the More controls button on the top right bar?

I’m on the following version.
Balsamiq Mockups; Version 3.5.15; Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 23,0,0,162


Sorry about that @Chrysalis! The link didn’t work as expected (we’ll fix it right away).

Can you please follow the instructions from this section?

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here.


Cool working now. Got there eventually :wink: cheers Ben