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Assets not showing when uploading a new mock up



I´ve been using Balsamiq for desktop for 2 years and today I began trying myBalsamiq. I tried to upload an existing .bmml file but it did not show any image so I uploaded the content of the Assets folder and now it is showing only some images. I would like to try to use it with a my team but it seems too complicated.




This is the link:


Hi again @Pablo_Sektman!

I’m really sorry about the trouble here. Because we changed the way projects (and their assets) are stored, it can be confusing going back and forth between myBalsamiq and Desktop.

It is totally possible, though, and may only take a small tweak to your workflow.

If you export the project as a BMML Zip (, and then just upload that zip to your myBalsamiq site, that guarantees that all the assets will make it with your mockups.

Otherwise, you will have to upload the mockups and assets separately (as you have done).

I see the missing image in that mockup. Was it one of the ones you uploaded? If you upload the assets, and then the mockups, they should be able to reference the images properly.

If you want, shoot me an email at and we will dig into this :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan,

Thank you!

Where do I upload the .zip file ? It says: BMML file


You need to back out, one level, to your site’s home page. Because you technically exported a project, you need to upload it as a project. (

Let me know if that works :slight_smile: