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Assets proliferating when custom properties are changed


With the most recent upgrade, every time I drag an asset on to a mockup and then change “Custom Properties” I get a new asset. Since there is one particular asset I use to designate whether other assets have properties associated with them I am going to end up with hundreds of basically the same asset in my asset list.


Hey @webb9447, sorry for the hassle! I just tried reproducing this, and it didn’t do it for me. I’m assuming with the recent upgrade, you mean 3.1.1, right? Just check in your About Balsamiq Mockups dialog. Which OS are you using?

We might need to just take a look at the file and see if there is something weird going on. Could you send your .bmpr to We keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to verify the software is working properly. Thanks!


I have just sent the file. You will note multiple copies of a number of the assets. These were not there when I started working with the file in 3.1.1 but they have proliferated since. I likely have the analysis of the cause wrong, but something is causing it.


Got the file. We’ll take a look. Thanks for your help!


I have sent an updated file. The assets continue to duplicate and the file is now 6MB in size.


I have just discovered that if I do a copy and paste an imported asset even within a mockup the system creates a copy of that asset in the asset list. I can only avoid this problem by bringing in the asset from the toolbar.