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Attach images to comments



Is there a way to attach an image to a comment? I’ve found many times the need to explain myself with an image to exemplify what i’m proposing (you know, one image worth a thousand words)


@Pablo_Chacin Sorry about that, I completely missed that you posted about myBalsamiq. The only way I have found to do that is with an img tag. There is no drag and drop of browse feature for the comment section. You add a photo using an img tag such as,

img src=""

Put < > around the img src="" . This forum is trying to display it as an image when I put the actual tag in.

Put the url to your image inside the quotes. If you want you can add your image as an asset on the project and then use the url to that image. Just add it as an asset and under the asset image you should see a blue link. Right click on the link and select copy link address. Then paste the address in between your double quotes in the img tag. You can also add the image to something like photobucket or your google drive.


Hi Pablo, take a look at the Propose Alternate feature, I think it might be what you’re looking for: (you can add images when you’re proposing the alternate)