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Attaching a .PNG to an email greatly changes the resolution


create a mockup
export to png
open png…large excellent resolution
attach to an email
send email
open mock on other side in say, apple preview…
greatly reduced size and resolution.



Sorry about the trouble @gary!

What email program are you using? I’m wondering if it is compressing the image in order to make it more email friendly.


hi brendan, i am using apple mail. i dont think this has ever happened.

dropping the PNG here. its dimensions 3405x1334 but when i open it from the email, its 1280x502 which is a 63% reduction. no idea why it would do that. i dont recall it ever doing that in the post. thanks.


brendan, i just figured out why. i had the ‘Image Size’ drop down set to ‘Large’ vs ‘Actual Size’. doh.

  • gm


I feel like that setting sometimes changes on it’s own because I have had the exact same problem before.

I’m glad that we got to the bottom of it all the same! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with, @gary :+1: