Balsamiq Community Discussion

Automated and intreractive prototypes

We are looking for Balsamiq users who are interested in generating a prototype application from their Balsamiq Mockup project. We have commenced an early-user program and are interested in processing a variety of Balsamiq projects to exercise our new product bmprGO (pronounced bumperGO). You can upload your project free of charge and bmprGO will convert it into an executable prototype that you can run immediately in the Cloud from any appropriate internet-enabled device (also free of charge). Go to to see more and get started.

IMPORTANT – the project files (.bmpr) that are uploaded to bmprGO must be saved from Balsamiq Mockups 3 (Balsamiq Desktop). If you use Balsamiq Cloud, you will need to download your project file (.bmpr), open it with Balsamiq Desktop and make sure it is saved. This is because Balsamiq Cloud does not have any custom properties at this time. bmprGO uses the custom properties that are available in Balsamiq Desktop for all controls.

Balsamiq projects that are intended to evolve into business or personal information processing systems are the typical target of bmprGO. As a general rule, if Balsamiq Mockups is the right tool for the UI, then bmprGO will be a good fit. The prototype can automatically build a database for your project and enable phone projects to be demonstrated on phones. You can produce and interact with real charts based on real data.

We would appreciate feedback re successes and any issues that arise ( email ). In return we will provide you with a platform to exercise your prototype and promptly address any issues you may have.

All projects uploaded will remain the confidential property of the originator.