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B3 crashes when adding large numbers of icons at once


When adding the full Iconic Pro icon set in PNG form, I’ve found that trying to add too many icons at once crashes B3. There are 587 images in the set. The threshold seems to be somewhere between 200 and 300, but it’s not an exact number.

To reproduce (Windows 8):

  1. Open Balsamiq with a new project
  2. Add an icon to the canvas
  3. Double-click on the icon to open the icon chooser
  4. Click on Assets and then on the +
  5. Select more than 300 images at once

At this point I immediately get the Windows application crash message (the upload doesn’t begin).

Workaround: I’ve been able to add all the icons by dividing them up into 4 groups, so it’s the upload that’s the problem, not the storage.

If you’re unable to reproduce with another icon set, I can email the one I’m using (it’s a commercial product so I can’t post it here).


Ouch! We’ll take a look!


For the record, I’ve encountered this behaviour as well when trying to upload the PNG version of the FontAwesome icons (of which there are 515).


I’m having the same problem :frowning:


Yikes, Sheena, I thought we put this one to bed!

Are you running the latest version of Mockups (3.1.7)?


Hi Brendan,

Yes I am. I tried importing the material icons on the Balsamic site. There are close to 800 of them so maybe there are just too many, I have to import about 75 at a time which is not terrible, but based on the instructions I expected to be able to import them all at once.



I’m sorry Sheena, what a bummer.

I’m going to reopen the bug on this. Are you on Windows or Mac?


No problem! I’m using Windows 8.1


Bug? Icon import crash!

Hi everybody.

We have some good and sad news.

First good one we can reproduce the issue on Windows, MacOS is not affected.
Time for some sad news. It is an Adobe Air bug. We reported it to Adobe but we cannot tell you how fast they will fix it.

We have a workaround for you.

  • Open the project where you want to add your images.
  • Open the assets view in the navigator.
  • Open a windows explorer and navigate to the folder with the images you want to import.
  • Select all the files you want to import.
  • Drag and drop the files onto your Balsamiq Mockups 3 project.
  • The images will be imported.

We tested the workaround with over 1000 files and we did not hit any crashes.

Bug? Icon import crash!