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B3 documentation on website


Hello! I see that you’ve officially released Balsamiq v3.0.1 (congrats!), but the documentation in the website’s Support section is still for v2. I know that much of the content is still accurate, UI changes aside, but I was wondering when we can expect fully updated docs for B3…

Thanks for all your hard work! The B3 Beta sure flew by.


@bjdewilde You can expect that tomorrow. :slight_smile: This weekend, we are prepping the website, and Monday, plan to announce officially that we have released. You’ve just jumped the gun a bit!


Hi @bjdewilde, we just updated all the docs, check them out!


small typo in the download section

you can retieve your License Info here.


Ha! Great catch. Fixed, it will go live in 20 minutes or so (CDN needs time to invalidate). Thanks so much!


you’re as fast as the flash :smile: