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B3 feature request



First time I write here, I’ve just registered for giving my feedback about B3. I’ve been using B2 for a long time, and I always missed the same things. I hope you find them usefull.

1. Bigger canvas. I don’t know the reason to limit the canvas size, very often I find myself rearranging my elements to fit everything in the same canvas. I do a lot of ipad stuff. I guess the normal thing would be to have in separated files, but the natural feeling is that I need more space :wink:

2. Free scroll. Related to 1, please do not limit the scrollbars if there’s no content. I like to be free to move around the canvas, even if is empty (probably looking for a place to put something). Very often I put elements at the canvas limits to be able to move freely.

3. Canvas navigator. Like the photoshop navigator. A miniaturized view of the canvas that you can use to move quickly over it. With the new side panel, it could fit very well there. That would be a great add-on.

4. Real layers. Please!!! Groups are ok, but embeding components inside other componts would take balsamiq to a new level. Maybe not all the components, but if you would create some kind of container that can hold simpler components that would help a lot in my workflow, and I guess I’m not the only one. Among that, as developer, I have created in the past tools for exporting balsamiq mockups to xml and import them in programming tools. With this feature, this would be a super useful tool in the workflow between ux/design to developers.

Thanks for the effort and count me in for any request.



5. horizontal scrollbar.
(If necessary) it would be great to have the opportunity to scroll to the left or right when zooming in on a mockup. sometimes when zooming in on a mockup its placed in the right side of the editor but the zooming is going to the left, so it moves out of the visible area and i can only edit it from faaaaaar away :smile:


Thanks for the ideas, guys! I’ll respond to each one.

  1. Bigger canvas. It’s on our list. I added your vote for us to look at this sooner rather than later. :smile:

  2. Free scroll. We just added a feature that should help a bit with this. We added 400px to the bottom and right of your working canvas (see Hopefully that helps until we can get to an infinite canvas.

  3. Canvas navigator. Interesting idea! I’ve aded it to our list to consider. It seems a bit complex for our tool, but we’ll see.

  4. Real layers. Not planned right now. Can you help me understand the difference between grouping controls together and embedding components inside other components?

  5. Horizontal scrollbar. Could you maybe share a screenshot? I know that we have a horizontal scroll bar, and with our latest beta build, it’s going to always show because of what I mentioned in #2.

Thanks again!


Hey Ben!

Thanks a lot for your reply.

  1. Actually I noticed a slight difference in this last version, but increasing a bit more than 400 pixels would be greate (in a 1980 pixels width monitor is like a 2.5%)

  2. You are already creating a miniature in the new right panel, so is just move the scroll proportionally in the canvas when clicking the miniature (sounds easy, eh? :smile: )

  3. here are two different concepts, actually. Layers, like in illustrator or photoshop, where you can work on different layers in the canvas without affecting the rest (for example touch or select in the background and not affect layers over it). Other concept are containers. You can nest components inside other components, what allows you to create more complex and easier to reuse components and widgets. For example a view that can contain several buttons and labels.

  4. no mine, don’t really understand.



nevermind, it works :smile:
I just noticed that opening a project file won’t open it maximized on WIN8. The window of balsamiq is even bigger than maximized. If i maximize the window the scrollbars appear.


We tried to do it by half of the viewport, but it was much harder technically than we had thought. We’ll keep looking at this a bit.

While it’s true that we do generate the thumbnails already, the complexity it would add would not be technical complexity, but rather design/experience complexity. We’ll stew on it a bit. :smile:

We basically have this already with groups. When you are editing a group, you are only editing controls in that group. If I’m reading this right, I think what you’re really missing is a panel to select the group. Currently, this is only possible in the canvas. I’ve added a note for us to discuss this more. Again, I worry a bit about the perceived complexity of a layers panel. We don’t want to start feeling like Photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This sounds exactly like our current implementation of groups and symbols. If I had to describe how groups or symbols work, this is how I would describe it. If you are meaning something different, I need a bit more clarification. Sorry I’m so dense!


I’ve noticed this happening in Windows 7 as well.

[Feature request]: Enable "layering functions" for groups

Conceptually the groups are working already somehow like layers, but it’s a little unhandly to use them for managing layers. consider that you want to organize your markups (maybe some comment) in a layer called “markups” and you would like to be able to hide the whole layer with a single click (like “m” in fullscreen mode); and then think about multiple layers or groups within a single mockup.
The following enhancement could turn more layer-functions into the existing grouping function:

  • left click to a control -> add to group -> show a list of existing groups. if the user picks a group from this list, add the control to the list- (maybe allow also multi- select)
  • group list: on the right panel of the window where actually the inspector or project info an additional view qould be usefull to show the existing groups, maybe with a “+”- sign to add an additional group
  • in this grouping list it sould be possible to hide a group with a single click and to access a group functions menu, where you could maybe allow to set the “treat as markup” flag for the whole group

What do you think about? @jrayon: Could this achieve what you requested with layers?
At least this whould satisfy what I missed during my last mockup