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Background Page for a Mockup


Is there a suggested way to create a background mockup that can be used as a base design. I’d like to create derived mockups to show sub-features such as drop-down menus over the top of the background, but then allow the background to be modified and show the modifications in each derived mockup. Copy/Pasting isn’t adequate because I’d have to recopy a modified background into each derived mockup.


Are you familiar with the Symbols feature? The idea with Symbols is that you will be able to create re-usable combinations of objects for anything from page masters and templates to custom controls. If you’re familiar with symbols libraries in Flash or Fireworks, the idea is the same.

You can find more info about Symbols here:


Yes, I’ve learned a bit about symbols. They may satisfy the layering issue. Depends if symbols can change and be automatically updated where they have been used.


That is exactly how they should be working, @MaxYaffe. If you edit the source of the symbol, all copies of that symbol will update as well.

You can also override a single symbol, and change only that instance of it.

If you run into any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help :slight_smile: