Backup projects so they can be restored later


Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to take a backup of a project from Balsamiq Cloud, so that if the project gets modified in a bad way (say, someone goes and deletes wireframes), I can restore a backup copy.

I understand I can export and import back a project. But I’d like an automatic way of doing this so that it happens, say, once per day.

Maybe I can write such a tool myself, but I’ll have to figure out the authentication protocol… Would appreciate some guidance there, if possible.

Thanks – Florian.


Hi Florian. We are planning on building a “revision history” feature in Cloud, to help with this exact problem.

We don’t have public APIs to allow you to build a downloader tool at the moment, but those will come as well.

For now, I would suggest downloading BMPRs regularly manually…or inviting fewer people as editors! :slight_smile:


Hi @FlorianX,

We just released our latest Balsamiq Cloud release that introduces our Project History feature. You can read more about it here in our documentation.

Thanks again for sharing your need! :slight_smile: