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Bad PDF export quality


Please improve the PDF export quality. This is so bad that I can’t show it to a client.

This is actually a big problem since 2015 that is more important to fix than develop new functionalities in my opinion.

Thank you.


Hi @Thomas_Fradet and sorry for the hassle.

We are improving this in our next major version where the PDF export will be created in high resolution and with selectable text (good for your team to copy/paste from).

Our new web version is already in private beta and we’re getting close to the official release. Please reach out via if you’d like to give it a try. :slight_smile:


Super ! Thank you.



Are you also planning to apply this text behaviour to the “Add mockup names” (from PDF export settings) feature? We would really need the text generated by this feature to be actually “searchable” via PDF viewers . For bigger exported mockups, finding the right page only via the PDF bookmarks feature becomes very cumbersome as no search is possible there…


Hi @gnni and thanks for sharing your need.

Those will be selectable and searchable too, no worries. :slight_smile:

Anything else, we’re here!


Thanks, much appreciated


Unfortunately Balsamiq Mockups PDF exports and PNG exports still do not feature vector output, but outdated @1x pixel graphics. I cannot possibly show this to my clients in 2018. It looks like I do not care about quality.

I can’t help but switch to a modern tool.

Goodbye :frowning:


I’m sorry about that, @woggabonda, but we totally understand.

Our next-generation apps (like Balsamiq Cloud) have our new exporter, but it won’t be on our desktop apps until later this year. It’s been a much larger project than we anticipated (especially on the Windows side), but we are working as fast as we can. We have hired three developers so that we can be even faster.

With that said, I’m sorry that it wasn’t sooner, my friend. Perhaps our paths will cross again once the new desktop apps are out. :slight_smile: