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Bad request


This is probably on the lower priority list, but most sites I visit don’t require the www prefix. It throws me a bit when I get a Bad Request when I try to go to

When I add the, everything works ok.



That’s super weird, @bwalker. I’m sorry about that.

What OS and Version of Chrome are you running?

When I type into a browser window, it works without the prefix, so let’s figure out what is stopping it on your side.


Hi Brendan,

I was using Chrome v51 on Windows 8.1.Desktop.

On my Chrome v51 Windows 8.1 Laptop I see a slightly different error.

Hope this isn’t a red herring / helps. Have a good day.


Thanks, @bwalker. We are on it! :slight_smile:


It looks like something got messed when we were doing some backend work. Thanks for the heads up, @bwalker! It should be all fixed now.