Balsamic Application workarea background color too bright


Windows 7 balsamic application workarea below the menu items is bright yellow. I am using a high contrast theme selected from the personalized theme options. The drop down menus are fine. they are black background with yellow text which I can see clearly if the workarea is covered. The bright yellow literally blinds me. It’s the same effect as sunlight on a dirty windshield or a frosted windshield; it’s so bright you can’t see anything else. How do I change the color of the background of the work area?


Hi @Steve,

Thanks for the post.

Unfortunately, there’s no mechanism for changing the canvas color in the desktop app but there’s a relatively easy workaround which will achieve the same goal.

You can add a large rectangle to the canvas and set the color of the rectangle to whichever color you prefer. If you then lock the rectangle control (See: Locking UI Controls) so that it can’t be selected and you should be all set. If you create a new project and add such a rectangle then save it as a BMPR file, you could use that as a template for all your projects so you don’t have to do it every time.

Here’s a project file I’ve created for you to demonstrate:

template.bmpr (13 KB)

I chose a light grey for the rectangle but you can change that to whichever color you like - you’ll need to unlock the rectangle, set the color then lock it again.

Let me know if you have any questions, ok?