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Balsamic is unable to find my system fonts

HELP! I am designing a fontboard but balsamiq doesn’t seem to find my OS fonts

Im stuck with the basic ones

Hey @dhdimchev,

Sorry for the trouble here, my friend.

Because Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop can connect to our Balsamiq Cloud web app, we limited the number of available fonts in order to maximize compatibility.

However, we have thought about adding additional fonts in the future. Are there any you’d specifically want to see?

Nah, I don’t think you should include more basic fonts. You should let the user install his own fonts(if possible). And if two people work on the same project in the cloud they should install the same font package or smth.


I remember raising this during the beta period. Not everyone is going to be moving between desktop and cloud. There are probably a lot of BW users that work exclusively on the desktop, and they shouldn’t be limited in their font set to maintain compatibility with a product they may never purchase. Allow desktop users to use any font installed on their system. If they ever move the project to cloud and their font isn’t in the limited BC set, then BC can apply a substitute font. You could even make the font substitution a user setting on BC.

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