Balsamiq 3.5.16 - 08-06-18 - Magic Mouse Horizontal Scroll - Not working for me



I’ve just upgraded to 3.5.16 (08/06/18) and horizontal scroll on my magic mouse no longer seems to work. I can get it to work by holding Shift, but I miss the ability to slide back and forth with a finger swipe.

Is this a known problem? It is maybe a bad install (and I should try again)? A setting I’m missing?

Thanks for any and all help.

Love the product btw, nothing’s faster to get a design idea together to show customers.

[IMPLEMENTED] Balsamiq does not support OSX horizontal scrolling

Hi @dlarson,

Thanks for the post!

Let’s check the simple stuff first…

It’s possible to toggle scrolling - see:

Would you first confirm that the feature has not simply been disabled and we’ll go from there, ok?


Fantastic, thanks for your help. Yes, I can confirm it is not disabled. It works in all other programs.


Thanks @dlarson. I don’t want to assume but it sounds like, for you, the behavior appears to have changed since you updated from 3.5.15?


@alasdair - exactly. it was working fine in the Oct. '17 version, then I upgraded and lost the ability to horizontal scroll with a magic mouse. Sounds like it was the upgrade. @balsamiq - is this a known issue?


Hello again,

We updated to 3.5.16 just about a week ago. The change was to bring the underlying framework files (Adobe Air) fully up to date so it sounds like an Air issue. Give me a little time to dig into this and I’ll be back in touch as soon as I can, ok?


Sounds good, thank you.


Hi @dlarson,

Thanks for bearing with me. So it looks like something did change with the update to the underlying framework (Adobe Air). We did not make any explicit change with regard to scrolling so we have to assume Adobe made some scrolling ‘improvements’.

With our plans to move on from Air (see: Mockups 4, when is it coming?), our focus is the new, native desktop apps (which will give us control over issues like this). But it also means that it’s hard to devote resources to diagnosing and fixing issues in the current Air-based apps.

There are a couple of simple workarounds and I’m hoping that, while not ideal, they’ll work for you?

Like I say, @dlarson, not ideal. Does either work for you?


@alasdair - thank you, I appreciate your help. I’ll downgrade for now and look forward to v4. Thanks!


I am also experiencing this since my last update (today). I appreciate the forensic explorations, but this is a real bummer. I’ll try the shift-scroll option for now, but this does not make for a very usable piece of software in a small-screen environment. Please update this soon!


I can confirm that the new update has broken horizontal scrolling on mac laptops using the trackpad two-finger scroll feature.
Balsamiq Mockups:
Version: 3.5.16 - 08/06/2018 06:07
Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 30,0,0,110

This is a big problem as it is a primary method of moving around larger mockups and it affects presentation mode as well as edit mode.
Shift-scroll works, but it is painfully slow and therefore unusable.
I am going to revert back to a previous version of Balsamiq, but this update never should have gotten out of the gate. I am going to advise my colleagues to refrain from updating. This update should be withdrawn and re-issued.


Hi @axup,

We totally hear you - the release updated the underlying framework - Adobe Air. We did not make any explicit change with regard to scrolling so we have to assume Adobe made some scrolling ‘improvements’.

For now, the best advice is to use 3.5.15. We’re in the process of completely rewriting the desktop apps as native apps so that we can leave behind the reliance on Air once and for all. It’s been a huge job for our relatively small team but we’re getting close to the beta testing stage.

If you like, I’d be happy to add your name to the list of testers so that you can get an early look at the new, native macOS app?


Sure that’s fine. You should probably block any auto updates to the current version in the meantime. Or provide warnings.