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Balsamiq 3 freezing on import of BPML


I am on a Mac and using Balsamiq 3.1.2. I have one project with a load of symbols that I would like to better organize. I have created a new project and upon Exporting the JSON and then attempting to re-import it into my new project, Balsamiq freezes (spinning beachball) and it never imports anything. I have Force Quit Balsamiq and retried the import, but the same thing happens every time. If I try to Copy and Paste each individual symbol from one project to another, the same thing happens.

Any ideas? Anyone else experienced this behavior and come up with a solution or workaround?


Hi @John_Wilton_Williams. Can you try with the latest version 3.1.4? 3.1.5 should also be out in a few days this week.