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Balsamiq 3 sometimes won't open after it freezes and I force quit the application


I can’t quite figure out the exact pattern, but it seems as though B3 sometimes can’t handle the load of having multiple (large?) projects open at the same time, possibly over a long period of time. At some points, B3 just stops working. It might start like I can’t “save as” a project (Bug: Sometimes Cannot Save Mockup), it might be that saving alone freezes, or it might be that something else stops working (like exporting to PDF freezes).

Sometimes force-quitting the app works, but the situation I’m in now is that I’ve force quit that app and it won’t re-open (I click the app icon, I get a spinny for a moment,and then nothing more happens). This happened yesterday too and only a reboot fixed the problem such that I could open B3 again.

If there’s anything I can do to further help debug this sporadic problem, let me know!

Bug: Sometimes Cannot Save Mockup

Hi @grebe

I am sorry for the delayed response.
Do you have a log file from one of the occasions?
Can you tell me how big your projects are (roughly)?
Do you know how high the memory consumption was when the issue occured?

I will try to reproduce the issue today because there have been similar reports.


Where would I find a log file? I’m not sure if I have it or not, but I would be happy to find it if it happened again.

The files I was working with were about 5mb each, and I probably had 3-4 files open. I don’t recall how high memory usage was but I’ve got a fairly decked out work computer so I wouldn’t have expected it to be high. I frequently run multiple high-memory aplications at once without problem (e.g. Outlook, Photoshop, Visual Studio, Chrome).


Hi Grebe

We also facing the same problem. pls allow me to communicate the same with this topic you created


  1. When maneuvering across the mockups(8-10 mocks for a project), app got hanged. We need to force close the app.

  2. When maneuvering across two projects.

Project file size = 7mb



Sadly, this just happened again for me and it lost all of my work (about 20 minutes of work). This is the first time I’ve noticed a loss of work (the auto-saving didn’t seem to work). I triple checked the mockups I was working on and confirmed that in fact my changes were not saved after the crash and force-quit of the application. #sadday


Hi @grebe and @Barath_Chandran

We managed to identify a few causes for crashes of the app in the latest release. Do you use 3.1.4 already?

The log file gets stored in the local store folder. Saving issues get logged in there. The log file gets resetted on start up though.
This article explains how to access the local store folder:

We are working on a release that we plan to ship very soon that will have some performance improvments that should improve the handling of big files.