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Hi team,
I am wondering if someone has a comparison between balsamiq and Adobe xd. I am using Balsamiq but one of my new is asking for using adobe xd saying that it is better. So, I want first some kind of tips and suggestions. Thanks for any help

Hi @simple45! I’ll let others chime in since I don’t use both tools, but in the meantime, that comparison page might be helpful: How Does Balsamiq Compare to Other UI/UX Tools? | Balsamiq :slight_smile:

Hi @simple45. Yeah, the article that @Virgin shared is a good explanation but to be brief, I’d say that Balsamiq excels at helping you rapidly come up with UI ideas (and making changes quickly). So we’re talking early stages of design at this point.

Tools like Adobe XD on the other hand is good if you’re at the last stage of the interface design. Meaning, you’re done with wireframing and you’re ready to move onto things like branding, colors, shadows, gradients, high quality imagery, typography, custom icons, etc.

For those reasons, you generally want to stay away from tools like Adobe XD if you’re wireframing because first, these tools can tempt you to worry about the details when it doesn’t really matter at that stage. Secondly, it takes longer to sketch things out in software like Adobe XD because their toolset is optimized for granular design.

Sure, these design tools (and even designers) might claim they’re wireframing tools and even have “wireframe kits” but they’re not the same as what something like Balsamiq would give you.

In closing, don’t try to use one tool to do both jobs. They’re actually very different.

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@Larry_Azevedo has basically responded with the exact set of points I would make myself. At one point in our amazingly over-complicated journey to Balsamiq (ask Val), our corporate neckties tried pushing XD on us (“since we’ve got a corporate CC license and it says on the tin that it’s a wireframing tool”). Nebulous and subjective adjectives like “better” notwithstanding, the only adjective I would ascribe to the two tools is “different”. They serve different purposes at different points in the overall lifecycle. Balsamiq first and foremost, for rapid, iterative prototyping, and XD much later, when it’s time to glue-gun on the bells and whistles.

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Thanks for your reply all! It helps a lot :grinning:

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