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Balsamiq as tool to build presentation slides!


Recently I did a speech regarding a software tool I’m coding and I used balsamiq as main tool to make my presentation slides.

I admit :slight_smile: balsamiq is not the tool usually we think about when we want to make presentations (of a source code!)
but i like so much the balsamiq mokup style and I insisted to use it.

Here results:

BTW, for the presentation event I mentioned (chatbot meetp Milano), the organizers requiremet was to deliver a PDF file in a 16:9 aspect ratio format.

Here I had problems: balsamiq (v.3.5.5) is not perfect to produce PDF files with one-click procedure.
Please see details in previous post here in this forum:

Anyway, I got pretty good results with this workaround:

First attempt:
I “enclosed” any mockup page with a transparent background rectangle with 1:9 aspect ratio: by example: if all objects in a page fit a rectangle with dimensions: 1572x891, I enclosed all with a rectagle with dimensions: 1600x900.

In that way, the Balsamiq one-click PDF export feature, behave almost well, but imperfect in case the pixel dimensions are yes 16:9 but with a different scale… by example if the slides contains a mix of very different pixels rectangles (still 16:9); the export function “stretch” the lowest rectagle with an alias “defocused” awful/confusing effect.

Better and final solution:
I exported mockups one by one as PNGs (almost 40 pages).
I elaborated stretched with a bitmap program (Freestone Imageviewer) reducing a bit the defocus and achiving a single uniform 1600x900 constant size for any page. Eventually I created the PDF using something like “print as PDF” using (Windows10) standard OS way. In that way final “resolution” in PDF file is ok.

So I propose to Balsamiq core to add some embedded facilities/function with the aim to produce high quality PFDF files in 4:3 / 16:9 format. Just a suggestion.

Anyway I love Balsamiq and maybe my slides are a good (alternative) example of usage of this great tool!



Hi Giorgio!

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and thoughts using our tool. We truly enjoyed reading it (I shared it with our team :slight_smile:).

As Brendan mentioned, we’ve shared your specific need with the dev team so we can explore it in our next major version (getting close to the private beta version of our web product!). We’ll keep you in the loop!

In the meantime, we’ll be here if you need anything else, my friend.

Have a great holiday season! :christmas_tree:


Hi Virgin
btw Balsami forum is very well done and Balsamiq customer care is superb.
Thanks to you all for your effort!
Happy new year to Balsamiq team!


Hi all, any news regarding this topic?
thanks a lot


Hi @solyarisoftware and thanks for checking on this.

We didn’t explore this yet since we are getting closer to the release of our native products (web version already in private beta) but we filed your request in our internal tool to review it with the team when the time comes.

Hope you’re having a great summer!