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Balsamiq Cloud backups to WebDAV

Hi there,

I’ve been using Balsamiq for yeeeears, but recently started using Cloud also for sharing designs with colleagues and users.

I’m also a big advocate of open source and self-hosting software. I don’t use Dropbox, etc.

I use Nextcloud ( as my self-hosted cloud storage, as an alternative to Dropbox. Nextcloud uses standard WebDAV to connect to it, as used by lots of cloud storage systems.

Do you have any intention, or could I request, to add WebDAV support, like you have for Dropbox backups?

It’d add support for lots of WebDAV based backups.


Hi @bernard and thanks for using our little tool! :slight_smile:

We don’t have any immediate plans to support more backup options for now but I’m adding your request for this one and we’ll talk about it with the team.

Any questions, we’re here!

Hi @Virgin OK thanks for the reply. That’s a pity. I hope you’ll consider some time in the future. It’d be a big help for users who don’t/can’t use Dropbox/etc.

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