Balsamiq Cloud - Exported PDF - Page links refer to bad pages in the same project/PDF

I use balsamic cloud for some my projects and on one project occurs strange behaviour. I have mock for web app with menu and links on the pages to another pages(wireframes) in the same project. On balsamic cloud web presentation mode links works ok. Problem occurs in exported PDF. Links are not broken, but reffer to bad pages(wireframes), everytime (not random) to same bad pages. (Opened/tested in Edge, Chrome, Acrobat reader) i use this links feature on more projects and i do things the same way and on other project links in PDF works ok.

Only difference i know about is,that this project was imported(bmpr file) to balsamic cloud, but was created original in desktop Balsamic App. Other project (without PDF links problem) was created direct in cloud.

Do you have any experience/tips for fix? I guess the links itself are not problem, maybe any export/read problem?

Thank you very much in advance


Hi @Argetar and sorry for the trouble.

This sounds like something specific to this project indeed.

Would it be possible for you to share the project (BMPR file) and details of the affected links via

We’ll do everything we can to help.

I am sorry , the data are confidental therefore i can not export and send you the MBPR file.

I tried export to PDF only two together linked pages(wireframes) which have link problem in complete export. In this case the problem is not occured. So something is wrong with some pages probably and when are not contain in export, problem not occurs.

Problem solved!

Cause of the problem was blank wireframes (pages). For every blank wireframe was shifted order of the link for one position . If i used link on the wireframes under one blank wireframe, the link refer to wireframe +1 and is not relevant, and so. If i used link on the wireframes above one blank wireframe, the link refer to right wireframe.

I do not understand why is here any ordering/counting of links, when i refer to concrete wireframe(page), but unfortunately is it reality.

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Thanks for the detailed report, Paul. We’re trying to reproduce it here.

Just wondering: what view setting are you using in the PDF reader, “single page view” or “enable scrolling”? The single-page view seems to work better on your end, we can’t seem to reproduce issues there.

Thanks again for your help.

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