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Balsamiq Cloud for prototyping my design?


Has anyone tried inserting a lot of pictures in a Balsamiq Cloud prototype? For example, if I had 100+ screens in Balsamiq Cloud with imported jpegs, will it be fast enough, will the performance be acceptable?

Some background: I have already had mockups in Cloud, and, most importantly, some specs, text notes for screens, etc. Now I’m thinking of gradually replacing the mockups with final design jpegs exported from another app. The fact is that documentation tools offered by most UI design software are inflexible and terrible. I can’t insert links in notes, I can’t structure them, use text styles, etc. Unlike them, Balsamiq allows me to do all of this, that’s why I don’t want to move.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @vladsd and thanks for wanting to keep using our tool for the next steps of your project. :slight_smile:

Regarding the import, I’m afraid that importing that many images into the project may surface some slowness issues, especially if those are large in size. It’s hard to tell without seeing the content of your project and the images but that’s one thing to consider.

One thing that could help is to split the project into smaller ones but I’m not sure that it will work for you.

Any questions, we’re here!

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