Balsamiq Cloud is very slow to load a project


Every time we try to load a large object - it stalls at the loading page with quotes. I can take minutes! Can that performance issue be addressed?


I’m sorry about that, Tanya. Would it be possible to DM me a link to the project so that I can take a look?


Thanks @TanyaG!

I took a look and the project takes around 45 seconds to load in Safari and closer to 30 seconds to load in Chrome. I think that this is probably a mix of a slower connection and a large project.

One thing that helped with load times in this project was to go into the Assets view (View > Assets) and then selecting Edit > Select Unused Images. I then deleted those unused images, went to the Trash (View > Trash) and clicked the Empty Trash button. There were actually quite a few things in the trash, which can increase the size of the project.

Doing those two things, I reduced the file size by a 3rd, and the project began to load faster. Why don’t you give that a try and see if it helps with loading on your end.


Ok, I do the clean up - the connection is not an issue at work where we are on a high speed… I know I am using retina quality images and then scaling them down… It would be good to be able to optimize them in Balsamiq…
Thanks about the tip!


Project loading is something we are constantly working on. In fact, we are focusing on initial load right now, so I hope you’ll see some improvements soon. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you continue to run into trouble, Tanya.


I have the same problem but on a much larger scale.
My project takes approximately 15 minutes to load, and only with 21 screens and 9 images


I think it may be the same issue for you, @Jheison_alexander_Al. Your project loaded in less than 20 seconds on my 2 year old Macbook Pro with the latest version of Chrome.

Your project is very large for the amount of content in it. I would imagine that it has to do with your high-resolution images. If you shrink those images down and re-import them, the project should load faster.

Try loading the project in a private browsing window to see if that helps as well.


Thanks for your fast answer.
effectively my images are very heavy.
now everything works better