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So I think I understand how the pricing/selling works for cloud vs desktop vs jira. It’s all related to WHERE you want to store your files.

We have a cloud license, and all I want to do is link a screen in a cloud project to a jira issue and have the niceties of the jira integration. It seems like this isn’t possible outside of just linking to the screen in balsamiq with the public share setting turned on (so my devs can view it without having to deal with signing in an such since they are only viewing not editing).

Am I thinking about this right? Or am I missing something?


Hi @Taylor_McCaslin,

Thanks for the post.

Your thinking is dead on. In Cloud, we host the project files and they’re stored on our server. With our Jira integration, the projects are stored on your server - or Atlassian’s servers - depending on whether you’re using Jira Server or Jira Cloud.

In terms of linking, you are also correct - with public review enabled on your Balsamiq Cloud project, you can link direct to a wireframe in your project by simply copying the URL from your address bar. Anybody with that link can then go straight to your wireframe(s) on Balsamiq Cloud.


So to be pedantic, with Balsamiq cloud, I can’t have any of the niceties of the Jira integration (linking wireframes to issues, automatically updating screens) other than manually exporting an image, or linking to a screen with public links.


That’s correct. With Cloud, you definitely don’t have some of the benefits of the Jira integration.

The advantage of our Jira integration is that your wireframe project is attached to the Jira issue and you can run the Balsamiq editor right in your Jira issue - you don’t have to task away to Cloud in another browser window. When you are not editing the project in Jira, your project will appear in the issue and the editor - or full-screen presentation mode - can be easily launched from there:



The reason we didn’t go with that was that we’re designing the larger interface in a singular project, rather than fragmenting the unified project file into various JIRA issues.

It seems like this is an interesting gap in the way yall do file storage and sharing as it relates to JIRA. Something for a future feature maybe?


Hi @Taylor_McCaslin,

It’s great feedback - we’re always looking at better integration. For example, we’re hard at work creating new, native versions of the desktop apps and those will offer better project integration with Balsamiq Cloud which is an area where we currently fall short.

Thanks again.


Hey @Taylor_McCaslin,

I just wanted to followup to let you know that having one project linked to multiple JIRA issues is something we are working on. I don’t have a timetable as to when it will be ready, but it is in active development. :slight_smile: