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[Balsamiq Cloud Notification] 2 New Events in Space Vertex


I get a daily email notification from Balsamiq that lists all the changes made to projects I am on. However, it does not list the changes I made to the projects, just everybody else’s changes? The is the subject of the email [Balsamiq Cloud Notification] 2 New Events in Space Vertex. Do It need to change a setting so that I am included in the daily summary list?


Hey @mmeierkwm.

Right now, notification emails only show the actions of other Space and Project members. That means that your actions would show up on your co-workers emails, but not your own. We did this to cut down on the noise - but you’d still like to see them, is that right?

I think that’s an interesting idea. Is it because you’d like to have a record of all the changes on a given day in case you need to reference it later? Or did you have another reason in mind?

Let me know, and then we can talk about it!


I would like to see my actions on the projects in my cloud space. This will allow me to track the work I did and also see what my other team members are seeing. So receiving the record of all my changes on a given day is something I am interested in. It will also help me record my time, we have a time tracking system and I need to record my time that I devote to each project. Its a good way for me to check my records to make sure I captured my hours correctly. I would like to talk about this further.

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I actually really like this idea.

We had this in the first version of the feature, but that was because activity wasn’t assigned to a user - it just was “Was this project edited yes or no”. When we started attaching activity to users, we stopped tracking personal activity to cut down on the noisiness of the emails.

But I think this would actually really be helpful for folks in positions like yours.

I’ll make sure to talk to the dev team about it. If other folks would find it useful, we’d love to hear about it.


Okay thanks. A feature to opt in to receiving your own activity in the email notification would work, this way the default will be the existing functionality, and people like me can opt in to receiving their own activity if they want that in the email

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That was my thinking, exactly.

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