Balsamiq Cloud Restore / Version History

I accidentally deleted mockups that I thought i had duplicates of but need to get them back. Since Balsamiq Cloud auto-saves I was not able to just undo (or not save). How do I get to version history in Balsamiq Cloud? (it was pretty simple in My Balsamiq)

Hi Hussein,

Thanks so much for the post - we got your email and I already responded but I want to respond here too for anybody else reading.

Project revisions are a myBalsamiq feature which we have not yet implemented in Balsamiq Cloud. We understand that this is an important requirement for many customers - some of whom have already lobbied us to add revision history as a matter or priority - and we’re working on it right now.

It’s always hard to give a firm timeline for feature releases, especially larger features like this but revisions and notifications are at the top of the list so, relatively speaking, they should not be too long. Keep an eye on the Balsamiq Blog where we announce new features like this.

Hi @hussein,

We just released our latest Balsamiq Cloud release that introduces our Project History feature. You can read more about it here in our documentation.

Thanks again for sharing your need! :slight_smile: