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Balsamiq creates a lot of PNGs when saving a project


Hey guys.

Every time you save a Balsamiq project in Confluence, it creates a PNG image for some amount of the screens of the (changed?) wireframes. This is what it looks like on the update page of Confluence:

This essentially spams the update page and people that subscribed via e-mail update to a space that you create and edit wireframes in.
Why does Balsamiq save every project as a project file and each wireframe as an individual image? Is there any way to turn this off?

Thank you for your help.


Wow, @bhaering, I’m sorry about that.

Our Confluence plugin should only be exporting PNGs for wireframes that you change. We use PNGs instead of a proprietary viewer so that folks can print or export Confluence pages.

When you make a change to the project, does it export everything, or just the PNGs for the wireframes you’ve changed?


I just checked, it only exports the changed wireframes to PNGs.

Okay, I get that this helps for printing and exporting. I guess there is no way to turn it off, or is that possible?


Thanks for confirming, @bhaering.

While we don’t have a direct way to turn this off in our add-on, some Confluence settings will allow removing those notifications.

Specifically, if you open the email notification settings, disabling the Show changed content option will prevent those notifications from showing up.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need anything else.