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Balsamiq Desktop -- Linux support?


Could you please elaborate your plans regarding Linux?



Hi Misha. The main reason we stopped supporting Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop on Linux is that Adobe abandoned Air (the platform we use) on Linux a long time ago. Some of the features of v.3 simply couldn’t be build to run on Linux.

As a way forward we are suggesting Linux customers switch to myBalsamiq, our web app. It uses the Flash player and works on Linux. We are also working on an HTML+JS version, which should work even better.

Mockups 2.2 will still be available from our build archives, and works fairly well. It just won’t be supported any more after Mockups 3 comes out.


Yes, I know the story of Adobe’s Air :slight_smile: I had to keep a package for my Debian machine.

myBalsamiq does not sounds like an option for me: as far as I can see, the pricing is 12 USD/mo, and for my usage pattern (a few mockups every second month) it’s defintely too expensive, while the desktop version is pretty OK.

The HTML+JS version you mentioned, is it a full fledged application or just a viewer?



It will be a full-fledged editor, but it will be a while before it’s ready.

Re: your usage pattern: we are planning on adding a “if you didn’t use it, we won’t charge you this month” feature to myBalsamiq. Hopefully that will help!


Good news! The beta appears to work in WINE!

I downloaded the bundled version from

Unzipped. Ran wine Balsamiq\ Mockups\ 3.exe and it launched.

Haven’t tried all the functionality yet - but creating mockups seems to work well.

Running Ubuntu 14.04 and wine-1.6.2

Install Balsamiq on Linux (with Wine)

Fantastic news @edent!


Thanks for the information.

I have not used Wine for ages and now I have a good reason to use it again :slight_smile:


Would “if you didn’t use it, we won’t charge you this month” apply to the Plugin for Drive product as well?


I need to think about this: Mockups for Google Drive is super-cheap already, and I think lots of people are already turning it off and on again when they need it…


Confirmed with Ubuntu 14.04, Wine for PlayOnLinux and Balsamiq 3.0.5 Bundled.

Works a treat.


Just got myself a new Dell machine and running Linux Mint on it. VERY disappointed my investment in Balsamiq is now wasted. Why would you depend on Adobe’s whims? Maybe time you moved to pure HTML5 and Javascript or Java plain and simple. At least the good news is I don’t need to load Adobe Air any more. I enjoyed Balsamiq, I guess I’ll have to find a replacement with a more forward looking technology model. Have you any idea how many developers and designers would ditch Windows if Photoshop ran on Linux? You might be surprised. Hope you don’t go the same way as Foursquare. XPlatform is the way forward, not attempted vendor lock-in :wink:



Did you read the posts in this thread before you posted yours?

Just get some wine, sit down, and install Wine. Then, have some more wine.

Just don’t wine.



@Ulrich_Schroeder Thanks for your comments. I was criticising the concept of relying on the unreliable as a business model, not being personal, as per the forum rules :wink: Also pointing out some of the possible side-effects. I need a magnifying glass to run Balsamiq in Wine on a 4K display.


@craig100, we have plans in the future to get completely off Adobe AIR. It’s a huge project for our small team to rewrite our entire app in order to be native, but we are starting to tackle that. Right now, if you wanted to use Balsamiq (and I’m unclear as to whether you’d want to, so please don’t take this as pressuring you into something you don’t way), one of the web-based versions is the way to go.

If you’re feeling like you just paid for a desktop license, and haven’t been able to get the value out of it that you paid for, or if are wanting to figure out how to get the cost of your license to help offset some of the web-based version costs, just reach out to our friendly sales team: We’ll get you squared away!