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Balsamiq for Confluence failure [RESOLVED]


We’ve been using Balsamiq for Confluence Cloud for some time, and as of yesterday evening it has stopped working.

If we look at a Confluence page with a Balsamiq in it, all of the Balsamiqs are replaced with an image with the following message:

Oops, something went wrong.
We’re unable to find the Balsamiq project file. Did someone remove it?

If I try and add a new Balsamiq to a page that doesn’t have one, the “Add Balsamiq Mockups” popup appears, and then an error shows stating:

Balsamiq Mockups
Unable to open BMPR from URL. Error Status: Not Found 404

Same occurs if I try and edit an existing Balsamiq from within the Confluence page.



Unable to access Balsamiq Plugin in Confluence

Ugh, I’m so sorry about this @RandomAtRedgum. We filed a ticket with Atlassian this morning regarding this bug, and are waiting for an update.

In the interim, you and your team can download the desktop app, download the .bmpr file that is attached to your Confluence page and continue working.

Once Atlassian fixes the bug, you can upload the .bmpr and add a fresh macro to the page.

As soon as we get an update on this, I will let you know. I’m sorry again for the trouble.


This same thing is occurring for us. Can we follow the JIRA ticket that you created? This is a major issue for us as we use this plugin on a daily basis.



Absolutely. Here is the ticket @KumoJosh and @RandomAtRedgum.

I’m so sorry again that this has happened. We feel awful.


As a partner with Atlassian do you have an account manager or anything you work with that has any more information than the ticket, like an ETA on when this would be fixed? Also I assume this is an issue on the Atlassian side and not on the Balsamiq side?



I wish I had an ETA, Josh. We have been in direct contact with Atlassian, but we are still waiting for them to give us an update on the situation.

We have talked to them about the severity of the situation for our users. It’s been a big problem, and it is something on their side, unfortunately.

Is there anything I can do to get you and your team set up on the Mockups 3 for Desktop app? That would allow your team to keep working while we work this out with Atlassian.


Hi Brendan,

We use mockups on confluence on regular basis and it is hampering our work. Our desktop free trial has also expired and we can no longer edit the mockups on desktop. Is there any other alternative for this ?


Hi @Kmehta and sorry for the trouble.

Please reach out to and we’ll be happy to extend your Desktop trial while this issue is being fixed. :slight_smile:


Thank You @Virgin

Failed to get attachment descriptor: 403

My company just installed this plugin to evaluate it. It was working for about an hour and now we’re getting this error. Is there anyway you can escalate this further with Atlassian? They seem to be ignoring the support ticket. This was going to really improve our workflow. Now we’re not sure its reliable.


I really wish there were, @msquared70. Unfortunately, it appears as if the ticket the highest escalation it can be. Behind the scenes, Atalssian has been looking into this, but there hasn’t been any progress as far as I am aware. It’s such a bummer because we have zero control over it. We have started troubleshooting with a couple of customers just to see if we can discover what the issue is to help Atlassian.

I totally understand that this would make you feel uneasy about the app, and I absolutely empathize. It would put a bad taste in my mouth as well. I can say that this is the first time since the app’s launch that it has been not working for more than a couple hours. Not that helps as we enter week 2 of it not working for some folks, but we do everything we can to make sure it runs smoothly. In this instance, however, we are helpless to do anything as the bug is on Atlassian’s side.

If we hear anything from Atlassian that doesn’t appear on that ticket, we will post it here.


Brendan, Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful reply. I completely understand. To be honest we haven’t been thrilled with Atlassian in general since they “upgraded” their platform and interface. its been buggy and slower than before.

Hopefully this will get resolved soon. Thanks again, its encouraging that your team is on top of the situation and answering peoples concerns.

Mark M


Would it be possible to get an extended desktop trial until this is fixed so I can start building our symbol library. I’m assuming I can import those into the plugin later. Thanks again.


Absolutely @msquared70

Send me an email and I will get it run ASAP.


Hello! Do you have any updates on this? It’s been almost two weeks since it started :confused:


I really wish we did, @Sebastian_Soriano. We are at Atlassian’s mercy on this, unfortunately.

According to an update yesterday on the Jira Issue, they are still looking for the cause. Not the greatest of news, but they are actively investigating. We have been emailing back and forth with them, and they continue to investigate what on their side is causing the issue.

I wish I had more than that, Sebastian (and everyone else following this thread). It’s an awful situation for everyone, and we are doing everything we can to get it resolved.


Hey Friends

We think the issue may be fixed. Since we cannot reproduce it in-house (we did a video call with a customer after applying the fix provided by Atlassian) would you mind checking to see if we are back up and running on your Confluence instances?

If we are, everything should just start working again, without intervention.

If you worked on your projects in Mockups 3 for Desktop, and want to get the updates into confluence, follow these steps:

  1. Download the .bmpr file from the Confluence Page’s attachments (for backup)
  2. Delete the .bmpr file that is currently attached to that page.
  3. Upload the .bmpr file that you edited in Mockups 3 for Desktop
  4. Edit the Confluence Page and remove the Mockups Macro
  5. Click on the “Insert More Content” button and add a new Balsamiq Mockups Macro

The new macro should detect the updated project that has been attached to the page. You can then insert it, save the page, and voila - your updates are in Confluence.

Note: If you have a lot of macros/projects on a single page, you may want to select “Launch the Balsamiq Editor” from the macro editor and export your mockups to PNGs attached to the Confluence page.

Here is a gif that walks through the whole process, including exporting the PNGs: (it was too long to embed - our forums cut off the end of it)

If you used Balsamiq Cloud to edit your projects, let me know and I will get them converted to a format that will work with Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud.

Let me know if we are back up and running on your instances, and we will go from there. Thank you again for your patience.


Ours looks like it’s working again.

Thanks muchly.



This has just started happening again today, like in the last hour.



The page loads and we can see the picture of the included Balsamiq, and then it switches to the “Oops. Something went wrong. We’re unable to find the Balsamiq project file. Did someone remove it?” error message.

Looking at the attachments to the page, both the Balsamiq file and the image for the Balsamiq are there.