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Balsamiq for Confluence/JIRA


Hi everyone,

Sorry if this has been answered previously, or if it’s covered in the docs, but I couldn’t find anything relating to this.
For the Balsamiq plugins for Confluence server (not cloud) and for JIRA server, is Mockups actually running on the hosted Confluence/JIRA server, or is it running from the myBalsamiq servers?
I’m just trying to gauge if there is anything we need to do from a networking perspective when setting this up in our environment?


Hey @CCh5n :slight_smile:

Our Atlassian Server based plugins are completely self-contained, so you needn’t worry about any external connections. Everything runs on your JIRA/Confluence server.

If you have any further questions, or need help getting set up, please let us know!


Perfect! Thanks Brendan!