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Balsamiq for Confluence - no macro metadata error


We have just loaded the confluence cloud Balsamiq Add-On which has loaded correctly and is registered in the confluence settings area.

Upon opening a page for editing and selecting the Balsamiq plug-in i get a dialogue pop up reporting “no macro metadata”

Any ideas?


Hi @shaunf and so sorry for the snag.

This “no metadata” error message is actually caused by a bug that affects multiple Atlassian add-ons. Atlassian support is investigating it and you can follow along (and vote for it) on this page.

In the meantime, would you like to work on Mockups 3 for Desktop?

It uses the same editor and file format that Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud, and comes with a 30-day free trial. You can download it on this page.

I can also give you a Mockups 3 for Desktop trial extension in case you’ve already used a trial, just let me know via

Sorry again for the trouble. Please let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help!


Are there any updates on this issue? We are getting the “no metadata” error


Hi @Aaron and sorry for the trouble.

I’ve just sent you an email as it may be easier to troubleshoot that way but I noticed that the related Atlassian ticket is still “in progress” for now.

We’ll do our best to help!


I tried with Chrome + MS Edge. Neither worked


Thanks @Aaron.

Has this issue been happening for a while? I only ask because I have seen a couple of instances of this happening, and then it miraculously working again. This could be something on Atlassian’s side, but I want to be sure.


We just installed the plug-in to evaluate it. It has never worked


Ugh, I’m sorry, Aaron. What a terrible first run.

If you have time this week, and want to give it another shot, install it and let us know if the problem persists. Totally understand if you don’t have time, but we’d love a chance to troubleshoot with you.


Our team has moved onto another tool, thanks for the offer to troubleshoot but it’s no longer necessary


Fair enough, Aaron. Good luck to you and the team. :slight_smile: