Balsamiq for GDrive not recognizing .bmpr files until re-uploaded


I am using Balsamiq for Google Drive on Chrome 64.0.3282.186, and seeing a strange problem. A developer on my team is creating bmpr files and uploading them to a shared GDrive folder for review, however when I open that folder it isn’t recognized by the Google or my browser as being associated with the Balsamiq plugin. But if I download that file and then upload it again into my own folder, then it is recognized as a Balsamiq plugin file
If I make a copy of the file, it still can’t be opened by Balsamiq (and I can’t explicitly choose for it to be opened by Balsamiq). But if I move the file to my own folder, then it is recognized as a Balsamiq file and the plugin works as expected.
I’m trying to attach a screenshot here, lets see if it works:


Here is a copy of the file, moved into my drive, with no modifications, and now you can see that Balsamiq is coming up as a the default option:


Hi @Stephen_Chan,

Thanks for the post. Sorry for the annoyance here - I know it must be frustrating but I’m confident we can get this working correctly for you.

As a first step, can you check that Balsamiq Wireframes is correctly set as the default app for BMPR files? It should just take a moment - there’s a short document which explains how to it here: Setting Balsamiq Wireframes as the Default App for Balsamiq Files

Once you’ve done that (or if you have already checked that) get back to me and we’ll see where we are, ok?


Yes this was done some time ago. Here’s the current state:


One thing to note is that I have multiple Google logins active in my browser, is it possible that the “default” isn’t applying due to the different logins?


Hi @Stephen_Chan,

It’s not just possible - it’s almost certainly the source of the problem. The Balsamiq add-on is registered to a single, specific email address so you’d need to ensure that you’re using that login when creating/editing/etc. wireframes projects. Thankfully, Chrome makes switching between accounts super easy so, hopefully, it’s not a pain for you to have to switch accounts?


Hello Alasdair,
My problem not the problem you are describing - I am certainly using exactly the same login when I look at the shared folder, and when I look at my own folder. However in the shared folder Balsamiq is not connected, but in my own folder it is connected, using exactly the same login.

Here is a screen shot showing the orange “S” in the upper right for my login and Balsamiq not coming up:

Here is a copy of the file in my personal drive folder, with Balsamiq showing as connected, notice that the user icon in the upper right is identical:

Since the screenshot can’t show both the user profile and the “Open with…” menu, you will have to take my word that I have verified that the active account was the same in both screenshots.


You have found a real weird one here, Stephen. I’m sorry about that! We have been trying to reproduce it with our devs, and are not having any luck.

When you get a moment, here is what we thought would be the next things to try:

  1. Have your developer share the file directly, not just put it in the folder.
  2. Try setting up a new shared folder, and see if files that your collaborators put in there work properly.

Do you have any other Drive apps installed and, if so, are they having trouble with this folder too? It’s a long shot, but we since we aren’t able to reproduce it on our side, we are starting to wonder if there is something funky with that folder.


I didn’t see a solution for this, so perhaps the following will help identify the cause of the issue…
I am having similar behavior, but in my case, I created a Balsamiq project in “MY DRIVE” and copied it to a “TEAM DRIVE” folder. Not sure if Stephen is dealing with “TEAM DRIVE”.
From the “TEAM DRIVE”…
When I do right-click, “Open with >”, it shows “No available apps” the same as Stephen’s situation.
When I try to open the copy in the TEAM DRIVE by double click, it says there’s no preview available.
I verified Balsamiq Wireframe is default app

If I download the bmpr file and upload it, it shows as a normal file icon as opposed to the Balsamiq icon and cannot open it.


Hrm, that’s interesting, @Doug_Goodworth. A good catch!

Just to clarify, the Google ID associated with the Team Drive is the same that is registered with Balsamiq, correct?

It should work for you, since it’s registered to your Google Account (and not a specific drive). But, if it doesn’t, we will have to look into it.