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Balsamiq For Tablet


Hi ! can i use Balsamiq in my Ipad or any Android Tablet ?


Hi @arashgt,

Thanks for reaching out.

These are not available yet but both iPad and Android versions are included in our roadmap. We don’t have any ETA to provide yet as these are huge projects for our small team, but stay tuned!

Let me know if you need any further information. :wink:


Hi, I’m reviving the topic :slightly_smiling:

I recently got an iPad pro and decided to download again the Mockups app, just to realize it’s been discontinued.

Can I ask what are the current solutions to mockup with Balsamiq on an iOS tablet?

I’m fairly new to the forum, I’ve seen here and there that a “native” (not Air) version of Balsamiq is mentioned, is this something that’s still in development? I can’t resist asking for an ETA but I also know that as a developer you shouldn’t answer to that question ;D

I’m using Balsamiq more than ever now, I never could mockup on tablet because of the screen size, but iPad Pro makes it possible now. I’d be thrilled to mockup on it.

I keep finding new things in Balsamiq, like transform a group to an existing symbol, a life saver feature. Thanks for everything, the software keeps improving, and I like that you try to focus on everything that’s not a “prototype” feature.


Hey @vincent-b,

Good to hear from you again. :slightly_smiling:

While we still don’t have an IOS version available (yet!), this is indeed something we plan to do soon!

This goes along the native version we are actively working on (yes, still in development with the majority of our dev team on it). We’d love to provide a specific date for this but as I mentioned before, this is a huge project for us.

We are very excited about it and we look forward into bringing our app to these new tools (like the iPad pro) to extend the possibilities of our little tool! We’ll share more news as soon as we have some.

Thanks for the kind words, it’s really great to hear that our tool seems to fit your wireframing needs. Also thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, that’s very helpful. Please let us know if you need anything else, we’ll be here to help!


I’m a dev and spend a lot of time telling people why they shouldn’t ask for apps ETAs :smiley: So don’t worry. Concentrate!

Since I wrote my request, I’m using the iPad pro more and more: I think the size really helps doing real work on the tablet. I could never really use pro apps such as Adobes’, I’m much much more efficient with them on the big tablet.

A free annotation layer for the tablet version will be a blast :slightly_smiling:

thanks again.


Hi Balsamiq,

We’re another year on from the last post on this. Are you guys still working on an iPad version?

I love the efficiency of Balsamiq that just isn’t replicated by any of the other apps. But it’s getting harder and harder to stay with it when so many of the other tools work cross-platform.


good news: They made huge progress, I would be very optimistic :slight_smile:


Hi @lukeagsmith and thanks for checking on this. :slight_smile:

Good news, we’ve just started the private beta for our native web version! The plan is to make it as smooth as possible before launching an official release and then bring it to all our other products (Desktop version, plugins) and go mobile!

We can’t wait to share more news about it, we’ll keep you all in the loop here.

In the meantime, let us know if you need anything else.


Hello everyone
in the meantime what is a good alternative to using a balsamiq type of app on the ipad. im about to plunk down 50 bucks for the expensive omnigraffle, and 6 dollars for a mind mapping tool called simplemind+


I would recommend to wait a bit more before spending money, the new native web version is not that far away :slight_smile:


It’s now July. Any more news on mock ups for tablet?

I can be patient. Just wondering?


We don’t have any new news for you @chriscurnow, other than it’s definitely something that is going to happen.

Our roadmap right now is the native web editor (which is in closed beta), native desktop clients (which hopefully will go into beta later this year), and then mobile apps after that.

We are as anxious as you are to see what we can do on iPad/Android tablets. :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan.

Can We use over Chrome App intalled on iOS or Android ?

Thanks for your attention…


You totally can @equipo.procadi.

The experience should be good enough to demo your existing wireframes, but creating wireframes is still sub-optimal. We are going to do a little more work on making that better, but we plan to focus on native iOS and Android apps.


Now we are in March of 2018… three years later? Any news on an iPad app?


We have finally finished the native rewrite of the engine @Rick_Flashman, so now we just need to port it to various platforms.

Our plan is macOS > Windows > iOS > Android, so we are thinking early 2019 for mobile platforms.

I’m sorry that it’s taken so long, Rick, but it was a much bigger project than we anticipated. We will get there. :slight_smile:


Hi, any updates on iPad Pro app / functionality?

Somehow I can’t design anything, but am able to create mockups in Balsamiq that somehow are useful for my team.

While I don’t use the iPad Pro for much, it would be perfect for Balsamiq together with the pencil and keyboard. I would literally (no joke) be willing to pay $200 per year for this, maybe more if you press me hard. Dead serious… Any updates on your plans on this?? Early 2019 sounds quite disappointing… :frowning:


Replied here, @dolf. I’m sorry that we can’t move any faster on this. We are a pretty small team.


It’s soon 2019. :clinking_glasses:
Is Balsamiq on iPad in the beginning of next year still a realistic ambition?

Really looking forward to see your product on my iPad Pro.
Great work everyone!


Hi @Jonas_Modin and thanks for checking on this one!

We are still in the beta phase for our upcoming native Desktop apps (both for Mac and Windows) so early 2019 does sound very close for an iPad app but we’ll get there.

If you’d like, I’ll be happy to add you to the waiting list for trying out the iPad beta when we get there? We’re really impatient to get to it as well! :slight_smile: