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Hello all,

First of all, sorry if this question doesn’t go into the Uncategorized section. This is actually my first time here.
(Please, feel free to move it elsewhere if you want).

I read about the new BMPR format here:

The format looks great! Nice idea, congratulations :wink:

We are considering Balsamiq for internal use. But before getting a license, we would like to know if we can programmatically use the BMML files. To do this, is there a chance to get the DTD / XSD / schema so we can correctly validate BMMLs without the need of reconstructing the whole structure ourselves?

So to sum up guys, BMPR looks great, BMML seem to provide everything we need and we just need to be sure we can validate BMML files programmatically (for instance with the official DTD?) before purchasing a license.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!
Best regards,


Hi again,

Just to be sure, if for any reason you prefer not to publish the validation formats but you want to share it with us so we can confirm that everything is fine and go for a license, you can also send it privately or by email or any other way if you prefer.

Thanks in advance for your support and great product!!!

Looking forward to hear from you,


Hello James,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We never created DTD, XSD or detailed schema for the BMML format. We do not have a document we could share with you. Though if you have questions about it we are happy to answer them as good as we can.

The BMML file contains only the mockup data e.g. mockup notes for example do not get preserved in the export.
Further we plan to add new controls and new properties to existing controls. These may not be supported in the BMML format and may be dropped so the older applications that work with the BMML format do not get any hiccups.

I advise you to use the BMPR format which uses SQLITE 3. We use JSON for the mockup data and will add missing fields to support new controls and new properties.

Let us know if you have additional questions.