Balsamiq Freeze during PDF export



Hello Team,
I read in some other posts about Balsamiq is freezing during PDF export. It was posted that the problem should be resolved on next release.

my Balsamiq still Freeze during PDF export or after while working with balsamiq projects. But the problem still resist. Is there any workaraound to export the projects yet?

Filesize 1’609 KB (shouldn’t be a problem)
Used Versions: Version: 3.4.5 - 08/31/2016 08:28 ,Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 22,0,0,175

Thanks a lot for your help.


That’s super strange, @rech. I’m sorry about that!

Would it be possible to share the file with me at

I’ll take a look at it and see what’s going on. :slight_smile:


Hello Balsamiq Team

Thanks for your fast support on my case.
As you mentioned the error was on a not standard Font setting. As I changed the Font to a standard “Arial” the problem doesn’t occur anymore.




I m having the same issue. whn exporting to Pdf nothing happing and it get freeze on exporting… Tried to change the fonts and nothing happened


I’m sorry about that, @bilal_f. Are you using Mockups 3 for Desktop?

If so, would you be able to send your project to us? We can take a look at it, and get it exported for you.