Balsamiq keeps crashing and I have to re-save


Hi there, I keep having problems with a mockup and I’m unable to continue working. Every few minutes, the system crashes and shows me an error message asking me to save the file with a different name. When I do, the file is saved and the other one is removed. I don’t understand why this keeps happening and it’s preventing me from advancing.

The first time it happened, I lost my work and I wasn’t able to open that file anymore.


Could you please help?


Ack, I’m sorry about that @natygoico.

If you disable autosave do you still get that message?

Are you saving to a networked drive or folder (like Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive)?

If you email us the corrupted file, there is a chance we will be able to rescue it.

Let’s start there and see if we can figure out what’s going on here.


Hi Brendan! Thank you very much for your prompt reply :slight_smile:

I am actually working in a file saved to a Google Drive! Perhaps I can work locally to see if that solves the problem?

All the best!


Hi @natygoico Are you on Windows or a Mac? I have found that auto sync for Google Drive breaks Balsamiq files (like you are experiencing) while Mac’s Google Drive waits before it syncs or at least works without issues.


Yeah, as @AJKock mentioned, this is a pain point for us.

The problem is that it’s neither of our faults and both of our faults. Syncing binary files, while they are in use, is not easy. Microsoft and Dropbox had to partner up to do this - and that’s Microsoft.

One of the things we would like to look at when our big code rewrite is done is if there is something we could do better on our side to help with this.

We are really sorry to everyone who runs into issues with this. It’s a pain, and as soon as we can do something about it, we will.


Thank you for the response and explanation. I’m on Windows so that must be the problem. It’s good to know because I can work locally and that should solve the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you again!


I think this is a Google Drive issue and not a Balsamiq issue. People are having the same issue in multiple apps. Photoshop, Reaper, etc. Apparently not happening when using Dropbox and Amazon Drive.!topic/drive/UyMFcHUseLw