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Balsamiq - Many mockups - Corruption?

Hi There,

I have inherited a project that has 113 Balsamiq files representing different pages in a web application. Is there a balsamiq-best-practice that would frown on this?

I like the idea that if a file becomes corrupted, it doesn’t risk the whole project. I apply this theory to other software as well - such as Adobe Lightroom. However, I am feeling forced to have a single Balsamic file for all mockups for a number of reasons, including having a common header/footer, the number of projects the cloud allows for - more expensive with a ceiling of 200, ability to use Balsamiq in a team environment and so forth.)

Getting to my questions - has anyone every had a large Balsamiq file become corrupt?

Thank you.

Really great question, @Doug. We do see corrupted files every now and again, but it’s usually a matter of where / how they are stored, rather than the fact they are large. With that said, practicing good data management is important, so here are some things you could consider doing:

  1. Split the project in several sub projects. You can do do this by opening a blank project and copying a selection of the mockups over. Everything from assets to symbols that those mockups use will come with. You’re right though, they won’t be linked between the two projects, so you would have to copy new versions of the assets to all the sub projects. This will, however, keep your project in manageable sizes.

  2. Save a master copy of the file somewhere, and then work from a copy. If you’re concerned about the file being corrupted, it may be safest to save it somewhere that get’s backed up, and then make a copy of it whenever you want to work on it. That ensures that you have a copy of the last good version saved somewhere safe. You can copy the new file to that location once you are done working on it.

I do think it’s prudent to say that neither of these things should be necessary. With a file that large, the worst thing you should experience is that the application may run slower. Beyond that, we have backups of every project that you open in the app saved to the Local Storage Folder. Your data should be safe.

But, again, nothing wrong with being a good caretaker of your important data. I wonder if anyone else has some best practices for this.

Let me know if you have any questions, Doug. Thanks again for your post!