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Balsamiq Mockups Not Showing in Confluence


Yesterday everything was working fine. Then today the Balsamiq Mockups imported into Confluence have stopped appearing on read mode for Confluence. There is still a big space in the document where they should be, but no image appears.

When you switch to edit mode in Confluence the Balsamiq widget is there and you can edit as normal. But on returning to the read page in Confluence, no Mockup appears.

Oh, cloud versions for both Confluence and Balsamiq.


Hi @RobCinsay

Thanks for the post - I am sorry for this interruption but I think we can get you going again relatively easily. As a first step, would you try just removing and adding back the Balsamiq macro on the page? The wireframe data will be fine.

Let me know if that resolves the issue and, if not, we’ll keep digging.

All the best,



I already tried that and it did not help. I also added completely new Balsamiq mockups to other Confluence pages and the result is the same.


We are having the exact same issue here as well. It appears that the .PNG Balsamiq creates to be displayed in Confluence is 0.0 KB.


Hey friends, are either of you using Safari as your browser right now?

There is a bug with the PNG export in Safari that we just recently discovered, and I wonder if that’s what is happening here.

If you’re using Safari, would you mind trying a different browser temporarily, just to see if re-exporting the project attaches the PNG correctly?


I’m using Chrome.


Hi @RobCinsay, @Tyson

We’ve identified the issue here and are already working on fixing it. I’ll get you an update as soon as I can. If it looks like it’s going to take time, I’ll get you a timeline estimate so you can plan around that.

All the best,



Thanks very much, Alasdair!


Hi @RobCinsay and @Tyson,

We’ve just released an update including the fix for this one so you should now be able to export PNGs correctly. The issue was mainly affecting Safari on our end so we’d love to know if it works for you in Chrome @RobCinsay.

We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


It also fixed the issue in Chrome. But you have to actually do an edit of the mockup in order for Balsamiq to recreate a new png file. Just editing the project and resaving it with any changes does not replace the 0 byte png file previously created


This is a good callout, thanks @hshen. Mockups won’t regenerate the PNG if no changes have been made, so making a slight change (even a skin swap) will force an update.