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Balsamiq Mockups Updating


I find it extremely tedious to have to go to the Balsamiq web page to download new versions of Mockups 3.

Why does one not get notified of version updates via the app itself, while also handling said updates in the same way?

Every now and again, I have to either click “check for updates” under the “Help” item in the app’s navigation (which simply opens a tab in my browser and loads the Download page…) or manually browse to the Download page and compare my current version with the one available for download on the site.

This is ─ for lack of abetter word ─ ‘lame’?


Totally agree with you on that one @Ulrich_Schroeder! This is something we are planning to address while going native (which is our main focus right now, but I bet you know that already :slightly_smiling: ).

In the meantime, we added a pinned thread on top of the forums and we update it with every new release to help with this:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, we’ll get to it!



I am aware of the pinned thread. That is mainly how I am reminded of updates.

Thank you for your time.

I hope this moves along in the near future.


If it helps, @Ulrich_Schroeder you can get an email alert just for releases from their release page.

I ended up having to do that after missing updates too many times in a row. Not ideal either since who wants another email, but beats having to come to the forums just to know when to update.



You’re a sweet-heart of the highest order.

Thanks, I didn’t even realize there’s a mailer for the releases.