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Balsamiq Mockups vs. Balsamiq Wireframes

What is the difference between Balsamiq Mockups and Balsamiq Wireframes? I see pages for both on the website but see no explanation about the differences in the FAQ and see no chart that compares and contrasts their features.

Hi @dhillard,

Welcome to the forums.

Put simply, Balsamiq Wireframes is the name we give to the latest version of our app on various platforms such as the web-based Balsamiq Cloud, and our integrations for Atlassian Jira and Confluence.

Balsamiq Mockups is the legacy version of our app - when you see Mockups we’re primarily referring to the desktop app Mockups 3 for Desktop.

Mockups uses a slightly older, different code base than Wireframes as it’s based on an underlying framework (Adobe Air). While there were plenty of advantages to using Air at the time, it does limit us in some respects so we’ve in the process of bringing the desktop app up to date using the Balsamiq Wireframes engine used in the other products. That will happen later this year.

There’s a big overlap in terms of basic functionality between Mockups and Wireframes but the newer Wireframes engine offers many benefits: it’s generally faster; the canvas can be much larger; etc. Further, for the web-based and Atlassian-integrated versions, there’s much better support for project sharing and collaborative working in real time.

We don’t have a chart which compares the two feature-by-feature but I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about any version of the app.

Hi alasdair,

Thank you for the simple and sensible explanation. I encourage including this information in the FAQ for the sake of system administrators who, like myself, are new to the product.

If I purchase volume licenses this week, will my firm be eligible to receive the updated code base later this year without additional cost?

Hi @dhillard,

Thanks for that feedback - I will definitely discuss it with the team.

With regard to pricing, I assume you’re considering purchasing the desktop version of the app. Just want to make sure I understand 100%. If so, bear with me a short time (i.e. tomorrow) and I’ll get you the scoop on the sales side of the equation, ok?


Yes, the desktop version. I look forward to hearing what you discover.

Hi @dhillard, this is Kendra from Sales. We’d be very happy to help you and your firm - Could you send us an email at

HI @kendra,

Yes, I will send email. Thank you.